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Training Hospitals

Penn HUP Pavilion

Penn pavilion.jpeg

The Pavilion’s ED opened its doors for the first time on October 31, 2021! It is now our predominant training location.


Highlights include a two-story emergency department that is fully telemedicine ready, and the ability to convert some rooms into operating rooms.

Volume: 72,000+ patients/year

Children's Hospital
of Philadelphia 

Penn Presbyterian 


The Penn Presbyterian (PPMC) Emergency Department serves as one of county hospitals within the Penn Medicine Health System and is located just 10-15 minute walking distance from HUP.


It is also Penn Medicine’s Level 1 Trauma Center, seeing over 13,000+ injured patients every year. We fondly refer to it as ‘Presby’.

Volume: 47,000+ patients/year

Penn Pennsylvania Hospital


The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Emergency Department is located right next door to HUP and serves as the major tertiary care hospital for pediatric patients in the region.


It is also the first Level 1 Trauma Center for children.

Volume: 100,000+ patients/year


The Penn Pennsylvania (Pennsy) Emergency Department serves as one of community hospitals and is located within the heart of Philadelphia.

It is also the nation’s first hospital! 

Volume: 35,000+ patients/year

HUP Cedar Hospital

HUP cedar.jpeg

Previously known as Mercy Hospital prior to a partnership with Penn in 2021, it is our newest training location.


It is located in West Philadelphia and is truly a community hospital.

Volume: 48,000+ patients/year

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