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Residency Wellness

Resident wellness is one of our priorities. The Resident Wellness Committee, which is run by residents, dedicates itself to promoting resident physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. The Emergency Department’s Sunshine Committee is a committee staffed by residents and nurses that coordinates activities to build camaraderie within the department. The residency has also sponsored events like class bowling, escape rooms, and amazing race style scavenger hunts. Every year is unique! As the Wellness Committee expands, we constantly recruit feedback in order to bring in events and address issues that are important to our residents.


Resident Retreat

A yearly retreat when the entire residency is off to socialize, decompress, and hold an open forum to brainstorm ways to improve our training program. Typically a large house is rented so everyone can be together in the same space.


Resident Service Day

A day when, instead of conference, the EM program goes out to give back to our community. In the last years, we have cleaned up parks and prepared meals for the underserved.


EM Families

 Every intern has an assigned ED “family” with “big sibs,” which consists of a residents from each class and attending physicians as well as a nurse. This unofficial program has become a big hit, with families often doing monthly get-togethers consisting of dinners, casual outings, or fitness classes to provide mentoring and advice for career and personal success.


This annual event is hosted by the Department of Emergency Medicine, and is a fun night of cocktails, dinner, and socializing with the residents, faculty, nursing, staff, and their families.



At the end of the PGY 1 year, the interns have two weeks off to do whatever they want! Some classes have been mellow and done beach trips and others have found their adventurous side and flown to Cuba!


Senior Graduation

We are sad to see our seniors go but the final farewell is always a blast!

Physical & Mental Health

Sleep Cycles

All shifts are 9 hours long. As you progress through residency the total number of shifts per block gradually decreases. Shifts are scheduled in a circadian pattern to ease day to night transitions.

White Bedroom

Fit Tested Challenge

A residency-wide work-out challenge that includes Attendings! We use a mobile app to organize friendly physical activity challenges. Mini competitions include who has the most innovative work-outs, most hours logged and who is the most supportive of other residents.

CrossFit Class


All residents get 4 weeks of vacation, which includes either the week of Christmas or New Years. Additionally, starting PGY 2 year, there is an increasing amount of elective time that can be used to hone your skills or areas of interest; many residents have done travel electives, including global health international electives.

Beachside Resorts

Gym Access

All Penn residents have access to the hospital resident lounge which has a small gym with a treadmill, a bowflex, weights, mats, and more.  Residents get a discounted rate to the UPenn gym (with an indoor pool and rock climbing wall!) and the local YMCA

Gym Equipments

Mental Health

Every resident has access to a variety of mental health resources, including access to Penn Behavioral Health which provides different options based on the needs of the resident, including a new telehealth option that is available 24/7. The residency leadership has an open-door policy to discuss any concerns that may arise. If you are looking for extra support outside the ED environment, an ombudsperson is always available to any resident looking for a more neutral support option. These resources are on the front page of our residency portal page, making them readily accessible.

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