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Elective time allows our residents to tap into the intellectual resources within our department and our hospital system. Residents do a wide variety of things during their elective time from working on their own research project to learning about some other aspects of clinical medicine. This flexible time is a major benefit of our four year curriculum, and has enabled many of our residents to develop an area of expertise before they’ve even finished residency.

Penn Medicine Electives

Residents have done a huge variety of clinical rotations in areas throughout the Penn Health system such as Sports Medicine, Ophthalmology, Neonatal ICU, Neuro ICU, Hyperbarics, Pallative Care, Interventional Pulmonology, and many more.

Away & International Electives

Thanks to longstanding relationships with sites and clinicians across the country, we offer recurring “away” electives doing rural EM in places like Bar Harbor (Maine), Lancaster (Pennsylvania), Block Island (Rhode Island) and Tuba City (Arizona). If you have a particular clinical interest, our faculty will help you set up a customized experience to explore it. To give just a few examples from the last few years, residents have spent time doing forensic medicine at the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office, EMS in settings from Disney World to Anchorage, and Toxicology at the NYC Poison Control Center. Finally, we offer a number of popular international experiences. Recently, faculty and residents have rotated in established clinical sites in Botswana and Guatemala. We have also had residents spend time in South Africa, Everest Base Camp, and Guyana

Non-Clinical Electives

There are many opportunities to take advantage of outside of purely clinical learning. Offerings have included training in simulation, medical education, and medical journalism. Residents have also used elective time to obtain formal research training, write manuscripts, and complete various tracks (such as quality improvement) offered within the health system.

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